Y 81 Yazıtı Üzerinde Okuma ve Anlamlandırma Önerisi ya da Eski Türklerde Armağan Etme, Hediyeleşmenin Bir Türü


In this article, by considering the inscription on the gold tankard Y-81 from the Yenisey inscriptions is proposed on to read and make sense of. End of study understood that some of the words of epigraph, which is the subject for research and study read or misunderstood wrong before. And have been suggested considered suitable explanations and readings. For example, the word »õlgb have been read as beglük and reviewed as principality, belonging to bey. But end of our study was stated that this word read as begilük and interpreted as gifts and donations greater than their which given to ordinary people by the nobles and riches for an objects and haunting presented to them.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Yenisey inscriptions, Y 81 inscription, gold tankard, gift