Just as every nation in the world has its own characteristic features, so do the Turks, who have a very old and old and rooted history. One of these features of the Turks is austerity. Turks, who lived a nomadic life for a long time, had to make some sacrifices in their lives to fight against the harsh conditions of nature as a requirement of their lifestyle. Thus, those sacrifices became a part of their lives and when they adopted the settled life, they continued these traits. This feature of the Turks did not escape the attention of many travelers who visited the Turks at different times. In addition, some historians and writers of the period also touched on this subject. This study, which is based on the austerity of the Turks, was prepared based on the works of many travelers who visited the Turks, historians of the period and important Turkologists who have important studies on Turkish history and culture. The purpose of this study is to present in a comprehensive manner the austerity nature of the Turks, which is an important value.


Austerity, sacrifice, nomadic, Turks, culture