It is known that Alevism is an ancient culture. It is understood that the historical section starting from Khorasan and extending to Anatolia played a major role in shaping this culture. It would not be a mistake to say that Alevism has an syncretic structure, combining many different cultures and beliefs in the geography in question. In order to make this determination, the history of Alevism must be discussed within the framework of its main themes. Because the transfer of some cultural motifs found in the geography extending from Khorasan to Anatolia to the Anatolian geography through Alevism appears as another aspect of the issue. It is of course possible to associate this situation with the social events taking place in the Anatolian geography. It is indisputable that social events are very important in the history of Alevism. Because the relevant social events; It is seen that it significantly shapes culture, literature and intellectual activities. Based on this motivation, in this study, the history of Alevism has been tried to be evaluated within the framework of social events and social contexts from its beginning to the Ottoman Period.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Alevism, Khorasan, Anatolia, social events, social context.