This study aimed to explore the multimodal literacy skills of pre-service Turkish teachers. Employing a quantitative research method, this study utilized a descriptive screening model. The research group, consisting of 215 pre-service teachers from the Department of Turkish Language Teaching at a university in northern Turkey, was selected through simple random sampling, one of the random sampling methods. Data collected through the Multimodal Literacy Scale and Personal Information Form were analyzed based on various factors, such as gender, grade level, parental education, academic achievement, daily Internet usage time, daily reading time, preferred text types, number of books read per year, and participation in artistic activities. Descriptive statistics, independent t-tests, and one-way analysis of variance (One-way ANOVA) were used for data analysis. As a result of the research, it was determined that all dimensions of the scale were above average, except for Turkish teacher candidates' multi-layered literacy skills and self-expression skills using the multi-layered structure. Teacher candidates' multi-layered literacy skills; It was determined that they had similar characteristics in terms of gender, academic success, daily internet usage time, daily reading time, favorite text type, number of books read annually and artistic activities they participated in. Only the multi-layered literacy levels of teacher candidates differ significantly according to their grade levels. When these differences are examined, it can be said that the averages in the dimension of multi-layered literacy skills and making sense of the content used in the multi-layered structure increase depending on the grade level.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Multimodal literacy, pre-service Turkish teacher, gender, grade, academic achievement.