Understanding the value and necessity of art in a society, all the teachers who involved in the education system is directly linked to the belief in the necessity and value of art education. It is necessary to determine of the attitudes related with the visual arts lesson of the other branches teachers who outside of arts fields in order to determine the social value of approach to visual arts lesson and art teachers. Therefore, in order to examine how the visual arts lesson and art teachers are perceived by other branches teachers, datas were collected through questionnaire from the field teachers out of the visual arts teachers who are working different cities of Turkey. As a result of the research, although the answers given to some items show that other branches teachers have a strong belief in the necessity of including the visual arts course in the curriculum, when the answers given to all the items are evaluated together, they reveal that there is indecision, confusion and inconsistent teacher attitudes about the purpose and importance of the visual arts course.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Visual arts course, visual arts teachers, in-field teachers, teachers' attitudes.