There is no doubt that one of the greatest realities in the world is death. Although death is a journey to a different world for the deceased, it is the embodiment of sadness and grief for those who love it. The laments and words spoken after the deceased have taken their place in our written and oral literature. Among these literary works, elegies also have an important place. Although the love for the deceased and the respect shown to him are expressed through dirges, degrading and insulting expressions are also included in the dirges for the people who caused the death of the loved one. The more the deceased is loved and respected by the society, the more the poets attached importance to writing an elegy to the deceased. One of these laments is the Karbala Lamentations. As a result of the Karbala incident, where Hussein and his relatives were martyred, in classical Turkish literature, on the one hand, the deep sadness caused by this event was told, on the other hand, the poets gave information about the names of the people who took action in this sad event and the activities they had done. The main purpose of our study will be to reveal what activities the people who were involved in the martyrdom of Hüseyin, politically or militarily, were involved in the Karbala elegies and with what expressions they were mentioned in the poems.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Kerbala, lament, elegy, Hz. Hüseyin.