In Turkish society, individuals who possess various qualities and roles such as wisdom, counselor, guide, intelligence, and justice have been considered important and referred to by different names. One of these designations is the concept of “aksakal” (white beard), which refers to individuals who are distinguished by their wisdom, counsel, and guidance in Turkish society. These individuals actively contribute to various aspects of life, including social, cultural, political, and religious spheres. The Kyrgyz people are an exemplary Turkic tribe where this phenomenon is prominently observed. This study aims to explore the significance of the aksakal concept in the historical and contemporary contexts of the Kyrgyz community and its impact on society. Data for the research was gathered through a comprehensive analysis of diverse sources utilizing the content analysis method. The analysis demonstrates the influential role of aksakals in Kyrgyz social, political, religious, and cultural life, which is also reflected in literary works. Thus, it can be concluded that aksakal represents a unifying and cohesive element that fosters integration and solidarity within the Turkic world.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Kyrgyz people, aksakal/white beard, counselor, wisdom.