This research aims to examine the readability of the 15 books in the Patatespor series of Yusuf Asal and to examine the readability of these books. The study also aims to determine the text levels and which class levels they are suitable for. For this purpose, the books in the Patatespor series, written by Asal in 3 sets of 5 books each, were examined with the readability formulas developed by Ateşman, Bezirci-Yılmaz and Çetin-kaya-Uzun. Document analysis was adopted in this study as a qualitative research method. This study revealed that the books of the series included humorous elements, as well as visuals in accordance with the content, and also many well-known historical people, artists and scientists. At the end of the study, which covered 15 books, it indicated that it was at the "easy" level according to the Ateşman readability formula and at the "primary education" level according to the Bezirci-Yılmaz readability formula. Additionally, it was evaluated as at the "educational reading (8th and 9th grade)" level according to the Çetinkaya-Uzun readability formula. According to the data obtained from the readability formulas, it can be said that the books in the series can be recommended to secondary school students. It can be suggested that teachers and parents who recommend books to students should also consider the studies on the readability of the works.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Text, readability, Patatespor, Yusuf Asal.