The beginning and the development course of the novel genre in Turkish literature has been with an external influence. It is possible to talk about the continuation of the foreign influence in the emergence of original works after this first stage, which is described as translation, imitation and copyright. With the reflection of the idea of nationalization that started with the period of national literature and accelerated in the Republic period, the people of Anatolia and Anatolia started to enter the novel as a subject and place. However, despite all these movements of nationalization, various opinions regarding the insufficient presence of Islamic elements in the novels are also an opinion expressed. Based on this point, our work will be about Ahmet Gunbay Yildiz, who is evaluated within the framework of the concepts of an Islamic novel, A Hidayat novel, and a popular novel. He also states that Yildiz has entered the path of becoming the representative of Islamic literature in the field of novels with his adventure of transition from poetry to novel. Yıldız is in the first ring with Hekimoğlu Ismail and Şule Yüksel Şenler among the Hidayet novelists. Our study included discussions on the concept of Islamic literature, thoughts on the Hidayat novel and the classification of popular novels, and assessments of Ahmed Gunbay Yildiz's place in these classifications. As a result of these evaluations, it was determined that the author's works contained elements of the Hidayat novel and popular novel. Thus, it was concluded that Yıldız wrote his novels in the popular Islamic novel category without paying much attention to the literary and aesthetic features.

Anahtar Kelimeler
İslamic Turkish Literature, Hidayet novel, Ahmed Günbay Yıldız.