In the 21st century, where we have to protect our tomorrows by fighting environmental problems, we should raise awareness among our children about environmental awareness and ensure that this awareness becomes permanent by running the education process. Environmental awareness, which is among human-specific sensitivities, should be gained in childhood and maintained throughout life. Environmental awareness can be gained through the use of qualified children's books in Turkish lessons. This study, on the use of children's books written in the context of ecocriticism in Turkish lessons, was carried out in the form of action research in a four-week period with the beginning of 6th grade students. The findings obtained as a result of the activity practices in the form of writing letters and creating dialogue with interview questions regarding the works titled The Mystery of Almarpa written by Koray Avcı Çakman and Common Spirit written by Miyase Sertbarut were evaluated with descriptive analysis. It was determined that the books included in the study contributed positively to the environmental awareness of the students and the activity practices reinforced this approach. Although it was seen that most of the students had been sensitive to environmental problems before reading the books, it was observed that after reading the books, the solution suggestions of the students for the problems thrived and the number of students with this sensitivity increased.

Ecocriticism, children's books, Turkish lesson, The Mysteryof Almarpa, Common Spirit.