The suffix +CA is used in different tasks and gives different meanings to the word in Turkey Turkish. This suffix that is accepted in the Turkish grammar, produces reduction of adjectives. So this suffix "diminutive suffix " has been called. In a language of words and suffixes, as time progresses, sound, meaning, or may see some changes in terms of the task. In this study, diminutive suffix also was defended on new meaning over time. It emphasized that this suffix is named as a diminutive suffix but actually reinforces the meaning of the adjective. Diminutive suffix, adjective meaning does reduce, or strengthen it? A survey was done to find the answer to this question and survey was answered by 538 people. It is seen in the survey results, the meaning of this suffix in the adjective task of reduction continues but besides this suffix it is also used to reinforce meaning of some adjectives.

Anahtar Kelimeler
+CA suffix, diminutive suffix, adjectives, reinforce meaning of adjectives, reduction meaning of adj