There are many Turkish manuscripts in the manuscript libraries in abroad. Although the catalogues of these works taken out of the country at different times were written long time ago, the deficiency and mistakes in the catalogues prevent many manuscript come to light. Its sole copy in this studying is registered in numbered Ms. Or. Oct. 3681 in Germany National Library, masnavi named Cidâl-i Şâh Esʻad bâ-Vezîr, the name of which is informed as “Bahs u Cedel” in the catalogues and is said that it belongs a poet nicknamed Hilmi, will be dealt. It will be discussed about which Hilmi was the author of the text and will be tried to determine by starting from the clues. In this mesnevi having value in terms of art history, there are 6 miniatures made appropriately to the context. In the work having unique identification concerning the subject, intertwined two stories are told. In the frame story, the discussions king of the Buhara Şah Esʻad and his vizier in a council about whether there was a “carefree/lighthearted” human in the world, and their journey in order to find “lighhearted” human at the end of their discussions; in the original story, the experiences of Şah Bȋ-gam whom they met with during this journey are told. After assessing in terms of the shape and content of the work in this studying, transcribed text will be included.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Hilmî, Cidâl-i Şâh Esʻad bâ-Vezîr, Masnavi.