In this study, it was attempted to determine the status of the names of the names of colors in the, Divȃnu Lügȃti’t-Türk the first dictionary of the history of the Turkish language, Altai, Khakasian and Tuvan, which are features of the Southern Siberian Turkic languages. Kaşgarlı Mahmud, expertly traversing the words he found by walking around the Turkish tongue one by one. In this respect, it carries the character of a dialect dictionary compiled from various Turkish tallies. Divȃnu Lügȃti’t-Türk was chosen as the main source of reference in this study due to the fact that it is a basic reference source of the word existence and the diversity of the vocabulary it contains. As is known, the main color names are an important part of the basic vocabulary. From this point, the state of the color names has been determined with a concise review of the idea that the elements of the basic vocabulary have undergone minimal changes. Within the scope of the study, it is determined whether the words related to the color concept in the Divȃnu Lügȃti’t-Türk are what the words are, whether they are used in the Southern Siberian Turkic languages -Altay, Tuvan, Hakas-in the same way or in terms of sound and shape. Color names that do not protect their presence, new names used in place, and their origins have been identified. Thus, the state of the color concept of the basic vocabulary of the Turkish language over 900 years has been revealed. Thus, a cross-section of the situation of the Turkish language on the concept of color has been put forward.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Vocalubary, Tuvan, Khakassian, Altai, Divanu Lügati’t-Türk.