This study aims to examine postgraduate theses on Critical Thinking according to “universities, institutes, major disciplines, disciplines, years, program type, method and subjects”. The research is limited between 2015-2019. Descriptive scanning method was used in the study. The data of the study was obtained from 165 postgraduate theses on “Critical Thinking” which were accessed from the National Thesis Center of Higher Education Institution. 123 of these theses are master's and 42 of them are PhD theses. The data of the study was analyzed by descriptive analysis technique. According to the research findings, most thesis on “Critical Thinking” was written in Gazi University. In the theses, it is seen that descriptive studies are mostly done and experimental studies are less. It has been concluded that theses have increased over the years, and the most theses have been written in 2019. It is seen that theses written mostly within the Institute of Educational Sciences. It is seen that most of the theses are written in Educational Sciences as the Department and the most in Science Education. Research data analyzes were visualized by VOSviewer (Version 1.6.9) mapping method and these analyzes are presented in the findings section in tables and density maps.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Critical thinking, bibliometrics analysis, Visual mapping, VOSviewer.