Starting from the West, the lifestyle under the influence of market economy and enlightenment ideology, which is the product of individualization, over-enrichment and excessive competition, gradually influenced humanity. The modernity which felt the influence of social, political and economic life since the last period of the Ottoman Empire, reflected not too long ago in literature. The traces of modernity that we look for in the poems of Ismet Özel, an important place in modern Turkish poetry, give the marks of his especially the thoughts of the book named Üç Zor Mesele. The phenomenon of modernity, determined by technique, civilization and alienation, is the result of an epistemological breakdown. The modernity he describes in poems in his book Erbain, with various images and metaphors, is, according to him, a particularly savvy living form embedded in the city. Ismet Özel’s basic traces of poetry that we have studied are to settle this life style.

Anahtar Kelimeler
İsmet Özel, poetry, Erbain, modernity.