The aim of this study is to determine the distribution of social values in the texts in the secondary school Turkish textbooks. The research is a descriptive study. The data source of the research consists of Turkish textbooks, which were recommended by the Ministry of National Education Board of Education which is and Training in 2018-2019 academic year. Of the 7 textbooks, which is subject to the research, a total of 168 reading texts were evaluated in terms of social values. In the study, a list of social values consisting of 20 items was used as a data collection tool. In order to collect data, expressions in reading texts were matched with social values. Then, reading texts in the textbooks were evaluated and social values were determined. According to the results obtained in the research, 5th Grade MEB publications have 33; 6th grade Ministry of National Education textbook 19; 6th Grade Axis publications in the textbook 45; In the first textbook of 7th grade MEB publications 15; In the second textbook of 7th grade MEB publications 20; in the 7th Grade Course Support publications contain 19; There are 55 social values in the textbook of 8th grade MEB publications. According to this, the highest social value in the 8th Grade MEB publications textbook (f = 55); the least social value was in the first textbook (f = 15) of the 7th grade MEB publications.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Social values, Turkish, textbooks.