Chagatai Turkish, is a writing language that the Turks continue to use from the beginning of the 13th century until the beginning of the 20th century. After Nevayi's death, various dictionaries began to be written on every corner of the world of Islam, so that his works could easily be read. These dictionaries, written mostly in the Ottoman Empire, Iran, Azerbaijan, India or Turkestan and having a great value for the history of Turkish language development have created a lexicographical schools. Also in the Iran field many Chagatai Turkish dictionaries were arranged to understand the works of Ali Şir Nevayi. One of them is Senglah Chagatai Turkish-Persian dictionary was written by Mirza Mehdi Han Esterabadi in H. 1172-1173 (1758-1760) in Iran. In this study, after was given the information about the work, the works done on it and İts manuscript copies, was emphasized the mistakes in Senglah.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Chagatai Turkish, Chagatai Turkish Dictionaries, Nevayi, Lexicography, Mirza Mehdi Han Esterabadi, S