When it is regarded to range of Turkish history, language and cultural assets from past to present it is seen that a considerable amount of Turkish cultural and civilization have been on the border of Mongolian Republic. Before assets in question are researched and presented with all unknown it is not possible that realities related to old Turkish language and history are able to present, developmental stages of cultural codes belonging to people are able to follow, writing systems in history of Turkish language are able to explained.For this reason , Mongolian Republic in which the values belonging to common background of Turkish world and their cultural inheritages have been maintained is accepted as one of the most important places in terms of Turcology. For it is necessary to be presented the development Turcology in Mongolian in last years and to be explained in a detailed way forming an update list. It is aimed that the studies related to Turcology studied by Mongolian researchers have been introduced from its beginning to present, especially in last years, in Mongolia. It has been thought that the study included just editions as a kind of the book gained a seat at an international level preparing properly to scientific standards by Mongolian researchers in Mongolia is going to be useful in introduction the studies in question and in respect of its continuation outside of Mongolia, especially in Turkey.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Turcology, Mongolia, Mongolian Studies.