Yahya Kemal'in Şiirlerinde Dinî, Mistik ve Metafizik Ögeler


The research subjects of the metaphysics defined as the world beyond the real world are the universe, God and spirit. The idea of metaphysics, also dealing with morality, death and the subjects like these, can be reached through the senses but not through the mind. Later, this concept used firstly by Aristotle has begun to be used by Islamic philosophers. The concept of metaphysics tried to be described by philosophers is evaluated in the field of literature with the use of the idealist view searching the concepts of intuition, experience, existence idea or thought and of the methods of spiritual sciences. The metaphysical items composed of the concepts of Allah (God), life, death, the life after death, “tasavvuf”, spirit, existence, nothingness, heart, “hikmet”, “devriye”, and time existing in Yahya Kemal’s poems are the subjects of our article.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Yahya Kemal, metaphysic, poem, God (Allah), spirit, death.