Baga Khairkhan’daki Eski Türk Yazıtları


There are many inscriptions written with Gokturk letters in the Mongolian Republic and the number of such inscriptions increases every passing day. One of such inscriptions was found by Mongolian-Monaco Common Archaeological Researches Team in 2008 and its photographs were published. Thereupon, Rincinkhorol MUNKHTULGA who went to the region in 2010 both prepared epigraphical documentation of those inscriptions and discovered a new inscription written with Gokturk letters in the same region. This article comprises of epigraphical documentation and images of the inscriptions turned out to be written for Tengri Khan, one of the khans of II. Gokturk Khaganate.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Mongolia, Baga Khairkhan, Gokturk, Tengri Khan, inscription.