“Turfan ve Komşu Bölgelerdeki Runik Yazıtlarla İlgili Epigrafik ve Fotogrametrik Araştırmalar” Adlı Proje Kapsamında 2010 Yılında Yapılan Çalışmalar


People’s Republic of China is one of the countries having great significance in terms of ancient Turkish culture and civilization. As a matter of fact, there are historical works, architectural structures, monuments, inscriptions, ornaments and utilities of ancient Turkish tribes and communities within the boundaries of this country. A shared scientific research project has been carried on since 2099 by Atatürk University and Peking University for the purpose of revealing the ancient Turkish culture and civilization works in People’s Republic of China, Uigur Autonomous Region named “Epigraphic and Photogrammetric Researches on the Runic Inscriptions in Turpan and Neighboring Regions”. In the project presided by Cengiz ALYILMAZ on behalf of Republic of Turkey and by Luo XIN on behalf of People’s Republic of China, firstly the epigraphic documentation of inscriptions in Turpan and the neighboring regions written with Gokturk alphabet and then the surface researches on ancient Turkish culture and civilization works other regions (Urumqi, Jimsar, Altay, Karamay, Ili, Changji…) were performed. This article deals with the works performed by Turkish – Science Scientific Committee in 2010 within the scope the project in question.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Atatürk University, Peking University, project, Turpan, ancient Turkish culture and civilization wor