İleri Okur ve Üstbiliş Eğitimi


The most frequently applied individual skill is reading comprehension. The reading skills are being redefined several times by changing in World and society’s expctations. Education and literary world of the areas are the first at the redefined areas on reading skills. In each field reading is a purpose, as well as a tool. Therefore, the developments in reading influenced the fields or composed of. By showing identification on the reading skills, we can see who is the advanced reader and what are the advanced reading skills on the scale of history and modern age. Today, “metacognition” is a individual teaching strategies in education of mother tongue. We describe a metacognitive advanced reader, who can know his/her learning style, and use learning methods and tecniques which are suitable for his/her learning style. A metacognitive advanced reader can choose learning objects and plan, trace, kontrol and evaluate own learning process.We expect to catch a developing in reading skills when a person use metacognitive strategies. In this study, an interdisciplinary approach of education and literature in what is expected since the act of reading and skills in these two areas mentioned today “advanced reader” and what are the characteristics similar to the reader who use metacognitive skills. The aim of the present study is to constribute the train a advanced readers who use metacognitive strategies.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Reading, the advanced reader, metacognitive. education.