Sevdalinkalarda Türk-Boşnak Halk Kültürünün Ortak Unsurları


With the conquest of Bosnia-Herzegovina by Ottoman Empire in 1463, a direct cultural interaction has begun between Bosnians and Turks. As a result of interaction of Turkish-Bosnian communities, massive islamization began in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Along with adopting the Islam, Bosnians got into the mainstream of Turkish Culture and Islamic civilization. As a result of this, Ottoman Turkish, Turkish Culture, religious-mystic traditions started to appear and Turkish culture engraved Bosnian Community. This can be seen in Sevdalinkas which are an important element of Bosnian Anonymous Folk Literature. Shortly, a love story is told in Sevdalinkas, which look like folk songs and ditties in form. Sevdalinkas which are performed in accompany with a mode and generally an instrument is exclusive to Bosnians in Balkan geography.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Sevdalinka, Turk, Bosnian, Folk Culture