Mecâlisün Nefâyis’in İki Nüshasının Söz Varlığı Açısından Karşılaştırılması Üzerine


Nevâî is Turkish literature’s greatest person who has works about diverse kinds and subjects, is productive, has significant influence on his contemporaries and following periods. Mecâlisü’n – Nefâyis is first Turkish collection of poets’s biographies and there are many manuscript copies of it in libraries of home and abroad. It has read by West Turkic people and influenced writers of collection of poets’s biographies in Anatolia. Our article’s subject is a copy of Mecâlisü’n – Nefâyis which is copied to West Turkic and it is undefined that copy has written by whom and when. In this article we will compare two copies of Mecâlisü’n – Nefâyis with respect to vocabulary.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Mecâlisü’n - Nefâyis, Ali Şir Nevâî, West Turkic, Chagatai Turkish