Türkçe Öğretmenlerinin Öğretme Stilleri


There aresomedifferencesinindividualand educationalskillsofteacherswhoareamong the basicelementsof education systemConsidering these differencesisessential for the success and quality in education Thisstudyaimstodetermine the states of Turkish language teachers regardingtheirpossessionofteaching styles and evaluate them according to some variables gender seniority in the profession and thelastgraduation programme and theviews of students. The study used screening modelfromdescriptive research patterns. The study sample consistedof79Turkish LanguageteachersrandomlychosenamongtheonesservinginTrabzon OrduGiresunandErzurumProvinces in20102011 educationperiod The data were acquired throughinformation form teaching stylesscale and student interview form It was concludedfrom the obtaineddatathatTurkishLanguage teachers mostly had InstructiveGuide and Individual teaching styles and in addition Expert teaching style was rather low

Anahtar Kelimeler
Turkish Language teacher, teaching styles, gender, seniority,