Tarihî Metin Aktarımlarında Deyimler


In this study, the phrases in translations of historical texts quoted from Old Turkey Turkish into Turkey Turkish have been dealt. So, the samples from translations metaphrased into Turkey Turkish of the works called Battalnâme, Dânişmendnâme, Fetihnâme and Tevârîh-i Âl-i Osman belonging to the period of Old Turkey Turkish have been given and the matters to be applied during the translations of the phrases have been discussed. In a sense, the activity to be specified as intralingual language conversion is a branch of translation converting, that is, translating, the texts written in the historical periods of a language into a language already used in the same dialect is characterized as intralingual translation. This subject of intralingual translation to be regarded as still new of Turcology is as minimum important as cross language translations. Because various differences in internal and external structure of language occur in time. The phrases seen in various ways in the dialect of a language or in the different accents of a dialect constitute an important problem in the translations of historical texts.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Old Turkey Turkish, Historical Text Translation, Intralingual Translation, Intralingual Translation.