Nasreddin Hoca Ve Timur Konulu Fıkraların Gülmede Üstünlük Kuramı Açısından Değerlendirilmesi


Each nation’s sense of humor is the result of its own system of thought and its language opportunities. Nasreddin Hodja, who we can say is a master of subtle humor in our culture is a figure rich in thought-provoking wisdom and clear stance. After all, the Turkish nation has never forgotten and will never forgive the Mongol cruelty. The devastating consequence of this invasion has been the subject of many history books. As known, Nasreddin Hodja and Timur are not from the same age. We know that the Anecdotes which bring Nasreddin Hodja and Timur together were started by the Turkish people who lived in harsh conditions but loved Nasreddin Hodja and told the anecdotes using his name during the arrival of Timur to Anatolia. A rebel against the severe destruction of the Turks during the Mongol invasion, which has never faded from the memory of the Turks, was given and was joined with the Turks solemn mien with subtle humor. To show the reaction of the Turkish people towards oppression all the personalities of cruel people before and after Timur were collected in Timur in the anecdotes between Nasreddin Hodja and Timur. We will try to explore the Timur and Nasreddin Hodja anecdotes in the face of laughter and will try to explain how the Turkish people rebelled against injustice through the character of Nasreddin Hodja.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Nasreddin Hodja, Timur, Humor, SuperiorityTheories, Anecdotes